Cata Vino Wine & Web Tasting, Dos Hermanos Dinner & The Power Of the Online ‘Word of Mouth’


Gabriella preparing for the Cata Vino tasting

Ryan Opaz at the Cata Vino Tasting

Ryan Opaz at the Cata Vino Tasting

Well, I can’t believe it, but the Cata Vino tasting has come and gone.  It seems like just yesterday that I signed up to twitter, and started tweeting.  A very good  friend of mine back home, who works in social media recommended twitter.  Who knew that within a few months I would make enough contacts to hold an event in our private room hosted by the very lovely Garbriella and Ryan Opaz from Cata Vino.  Of course it was not on my own that this event came about, it was thanks to Robert McIntosh of Wine Conversation, who guided me in the right direction, and was also there pouring and chatting about wines on the night.

I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed by the power and speed of social networking sites like twitter, I know some people like to poke fun, when the topic of twitter or blogs comes up, but there is no denying the pull that online communities currently have.  I know I always turn to online foodies for reccomendations as to where to eat and drink.

Another event we hosted in the last week of February, was Dine with Dos Hermanos, luckily the famous food blogging brothers rate Vinoteca high enough to hold one of their dinners with us (they invite their fans and friends to come along and dine with them, I’ll be going to the next one!).  It was an interesting week in the private room, Thursday night a room full of 30 food bloggers, and Friday night a room full of wine bloggers!  The pressure was on! For me, both nights were a huge success, and I was just so pleased that without using any conventional forms of advertising for the CataVino tasting we were sold out, by using only the power of online ‘word of mouth’.  Overall it was very interesting, and I was pleased to read all the positive blogs following both events.  I think, as a restaurant, or any business really, these were very unique chances to hear back from customers, and get some extremely thorough feedback on a particular event.   Being present at both ‘social media’ gatherings, and experiencing them from my own point of view, it was great to follow them up online, and see how others perceived the same event.

Tomorrow night I’ll be going to Tayyab’s for dinner with 23 food blogger’s organised by Helen, who writes the witty food blog Food Stories.  Can’t wait to read all of their impressions of the meal online.

If you would like to read about the Cata Vino tasting or Dine with Dos Hermanos then please check out the following blogs, thanks to all of you who wrote about us, and if I missed any please let me know.

The Boy Done Food


Lambshank Redemption

Dine With Dos Hermanos


Spittoon – wine drink and food


I would like to send out a thank you to Miquel from Casa Leal who supplied all the wines for the Dos Hermanos dinner, he even did a pre-dinner wine tasting for everyone, which you can see in the video above.




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2 responses to “Cata Vino Wine & Web Tasting, Dos Hermanos Dinner & The Power Of the Online ‘Word of Mouth’

  1. zoe

    congrats caitlin! you really have outdone yourself:)


  2. Ha ha ha – I hate seeing myself on film! Thanks very much for describing me as witty though, you are very generous. It was a fantastic evening! Fabulous food, wine and company.

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